Recognising the best adopters of sustainability energy

CLIMATE CHANGE has been recognised as one of the biggest threats to mankind as weather patterns shift and global temperature changes. This has made combating climate change not only the responsibility of clusters of societies most affected by it but also one where more and more countries are starting to take seriously.

In Malaysia, one avenue where such efforts can be seen is the National Energy Awards (NEA), organised by the Ministry of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change (MESTECC). Greentech Malaysia is the secretariat supported by Suruhanjaya Tenaga (ST) and Sustainable Energy Development Authority Malay- sia (SEDA). The programme is funded by Akaun Amanah Industri Bekalan Eletrik (AAIBE).

The prestigious awards seek to acknowledge adopters of energy-efficient technology and renewable energy in driving Malaysia towards its sustainable energy aspirations. At the recently concluded International Greentech and Eco Products Exhibition and Conference Malaysia 2019 (IGEM 2019), we caught up with MESTECC deputy secretary-general and chairperson of the NEA Technical Committee Noor Afifah Abdul Razak for a chat on the NEA and sustainable energy.

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