Category 3 : Renewable Energy

NEA 2023 Guideline : Renewable Energy Category


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Renewable Energy is further divided into 6 categories :

On Grid
National –The national utility provides and maintains a power system supply governed by an act and its regulations.
Local - Power system supply is provided and/or maintained by a national or provincial utility.
Off Grid
Thermal - Thermal energy generated by renewable energy sources is typically used for tasks such as solar pumps, drying, cooking with biogas, producing steam from biomass, and solar hot water in remote areas without an electrical supply or distribution network. This award recognises participants' efforts and dedication to finding new ways to improve things in the energy industry, including developing novel solutions to overcome challenges and improve performance.

Power - Electricity is generated in remote areas with no electricity generation or delivery infrastructure from all renewable energy sources, including hydro. Participants in these awards develop and sustain practises for small low-voltage off-grid energy systems in various locations.
Combined Heat and Power (CHP) generation
Simultaneous production of two or more types of energy from a single fuel source. Distributed generation, combined heat and power, and recycled energy are other terms. This award recognises achievements in developing, applying, and promoting cogeneration and highlights Malaysia's cogeneration sector's strengths and skills.
Biomass, also known as plant, animal, or algal matter, generates fuel. The such feedstock is easily replaceable; biofuel differs from fossil fuels because it is a renewable energy source. Individuals and businesses contributing to and helping build the bioenergy industry are recognised in this category.

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