Category 1 : Energy Management

Applications will be judged on their influence, longevity, uniqueness, and replicability, including energy savings and economic, environmental, and environmental impacts). Applicants must be able to present documentation of their operations from the past three years.

NEA 2023 Guideline : Energy Management in Buildings and Industries


NEA 2023 Application Form


Malaysia’s Best Practices/Projects

i. Category 1 – Energy Management

BUILDINGSSmall & Medium – Below 2,000 MWh/year
Large – Above 2,000 MWh/year
INDUSTRIESSmall & Medium – Below 30 Million MJ/year
Large – Above 30 Million MJ/year

To qualify, entrants must be able to demonstrate operations for the past 3 years and will be assessed for impact (energy saving, environmental and economic effect), sustainability, replicability and originality.

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