About Us

Established in 2018 as part of the Government’s strategic efforts to expand public acceptance and industry participation in the energy conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies sectors, the National Energy Awards (NEA) is an important platform to provide recognition and rewards to Malaysia’s industry leaders in the growing green technology related products, services and energy services sectors for adopting and implementing sustainable energy practices.  Held annually, NEA would also act to spur healthy competition amongst Malaysian organisations, given the higher precedents, benchmarks and standards against which companies are evaluated.

Additionally, NEA would also serve to identify Malaysian organisations, projects and individuals from across the fields of energy management, energy efficiency and renewable energy to be nominated to represent Malaysia at the annual ASEAN Energy Awards, Southeast Asia’s highest energy awards while simultaneously showcasing home-grown talent, products, services and projects across the region.

The NEA programme would also encompass a comprehensive public awareness campaign focused on profiling the participants and their experiences in implementing energy management, energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives to encourage greater private and public sector participation in Malaysia’s sustainable energy sector.

Award Categories

Category 1 : Energy Efficiency (EE)

This category is divided into two (2) :

  • Energy management; and
  • Energy efficiency building

This category is involving commercial and industrial building that comes various core business that have their own-way to manage their energy efficiently.

Category 2 : Renewable Energy (RE)

This category is divided into four (4) :

  • On-grid that including national and local grid;
  • Off grid that including thermal and power;
  • Cogeneration; and
  • Biofuel

This category is involving power generation from renewable sources.