Frequently Asked Questions

These are frequent answers to the questions we get asked the most about National Energy Awards. If you have further enquiries, please send us message via our contact us section. Thank you.


Spearheaded by the Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment and Climate Change (NRECC), the NEA stands as Malaysia’s highest recognition and award for corporations, institutions, and individuals that have embraced transformative sustainability practices, which contribute to the nation’s goals of Just Energy Transition, net-zero emissions, and sustainable development.

NEA participants and winners pave the way to inspire innovation and promote mainstream sustainability. They achieve this by enhancing operational efficiency, reducing costs, minimizing environmental impacts, and fulfilling ESG commitments.

Simultaneously, the NEA provides a platform for sharing Malaysian knowledge, best practices, and expertise in energy management, energy efficiency, and renewable energy solutions, enabling the region to acknowledge these achievements and fostering the exploration of Just Energy Transition Partnerships (JETP) across the ASEAN region.

The two key objectives of NEA include:

  • To identify Malaysia’s organizations with the best sustainable energy practices to represent the country at ASEAN Energy Awards (AEA).

  • To encourage the adoption of sustainable energy practices across all industries and sectors to drive Malaysia closer to the aspiration of net-zero GHG emissions by 2050.
  • Category 1: Energy Management
  • Category 2: Energy-Efficient Building
  • Category 3: Renewable Energy
  • Special Awards
    • Energy Performance Contracting (EPC)
    • Energy Performance Contracting (EPC)
    • Institutes of Higher Learning
    • Sustainable Energy Financing (SEF)

Winners will stand a chance to win a cash prize along with trophy and certificates. Addition to that, winners from Category 1 & 2 will represent Malaysia in ASEAN Energy Awards.

All participants’ information, including the Application Form, Report, and other related details, will be kept confidential. It will only be accessible to authorized individuals such as our secretariat and judges.

There are 3 steps in judging process :

  • first, all the reports submitted will be pre-screened to ensure the submissions followed the guidelines.
  • Next, the approval submission will go through evaluation by the panel of judges.
  • Lastly, shortlisted submission will be presented to the Technical Committee.

Each participant can submit any initiatives with a focus to promote environment improvement, energy saving and the use of clean technology to contribute towards energy sustainability and to provide mechanism for organizations to continuously search, benchmark and acknowledge initiatives and best practices in energy development. Submissions must adhere to NEA guidelines for each category’s prerequisites and procedures.

  • Institutes of Higher Learning
  • Organization that involves with PV, Solar, or any project or building in Energy Management, Energy Efficient and Renewable Energy
  • Residential / Private owner`s building
  • NEA secretariat will inform the shortlisted participants upon the approval from the Executive Committee via email
  • NEA secretariat will announce the winner via social media posting, mainstream news, and send an official email to all winners
  • NEA will organize a dinner and NEA secretariat will send a formal dinner invitation to all participants.
  • There are no fee required to participate in NEA
  • Cash Prizes for Winner and Runner Up
  • A certificates and trophies for all winners