Frequently Asked Questions

What is the award about?

NEA is a unique and dedicated platform to provide and promote cohesive dialogues on ideas, insights and best practices that will successfully drive innovation for the energy and green technology sectors in Malaysia.  It is a strategic platform to promote innovation in local technology R&D, focusing in energy efficiency, renewable energy and green technology towards achieving sustainable economy.

What is the award categories?

What are the objectives of the award?

  • To recognize the best implemented practices, solutions in Energy Management and Efficiency that showcase innovative, cost effective and exemplary measures.
  • To build the “Innovation Mind” as an important aspect in product development and research to support the Energy  industry’s development agenda, lead towards commercialization
  • To promote the best of local technology R&D and create a platform for public-private partnership for commercial activities in Renewable Energy.

What are the benefits of the award programme?

  • Cash prize.
  • The winner for Category 1 & 2 will represent Malaysia to ASEAN Energy Awards.
  • To the Consumer: Consumers benefit from having more variety in the products offered to them and with better quality product.

What are the prizes we propose for this award programme?

Monetary Prize : RM 770,000 for Category 1 & 2

What is the application fee for submitting a nomination?

There is no application fee.

Are nomination forms and information kept confidential?

Yes. Information on the nomination forms is used only by the independent panel of judges. Information will not be made public to any nominees or other sources.

What is the judging process?

The judging process will start with:

  1. Pre-screening of all submission to ensure all submission adhered to the guidelines
  2. Approval submission will go through evaluation by panel of judges
  3. Shortlisted submission will be presented to the Technical Committee

When and how will finalists be notified?

The secretariat will inform the winners accordingly upon approval from Executive Committee.

When will winners be announced?

All winners will be presented at the NEA Dinner  in conjunction with IGEM 2020.