NEA Award Categories

Category 1 : Energy Management

Applications will be judged on their influence, longevity, uniqueness, and replicability, including energy savings and economic, environmental, and environmental impacts). Applicants must be able to present documentation of their operations from the past three years.

NEA 2023 Guideline : Energy Management in Buildings and Industries


NEA 2023 Application Form


Malaysia’s Best Practices/Projects

i. Category 1 – Energy Management

BUILDINGSSmall & Medium – Below 2,000 MWh/year
Large – Above 2,000 MWh/year
INDUSTRIESSmall & Medium – Below 30 Million MJ/year
Large – Above 30 Million MJ/year

To qualify, entrants must be able to demonstrate operations for the past 3 years and will be assessed for impact (energy saving, environmental and economic effect), sustainability, replicability and originality.

Category 2 : Energy Efficient Building

Participation in NEA is open to qualifying Malaysian companies able to demonstrate practices and/or projects in Energy Efficient Buildings.

NEA 2023 Guideline : Green & Energy Efficient Buildings


NEA 2023 Application Form


Malaysia’s Best Practices/Projects

Category 2 – Energy Efficient Building


·      Small & Medium – GFA of 300m²- 5,000m²

·      Large – GFA of > 5,000m²

•     Green Residential – Individual landed houses

·      At least one full year of operation


·      At least one full year of operation

·      Age of the building must not be more than 5 years


·      The age of the building must be at least 5 years’ old

·      20% of the total energy consumption for active retrofit eg A/C retrofits

·      10% of the total energy consumption for non A/C retrofit eg lamps, etc


·      GFA > 500m²

·      Air conditioning area of less than 50% of total GFA

·      High emphasis on effective use of passive design

·      Excludes religious building


• ZEB Oriented : More than 30% energy saving (Renewable Energy excluded) 

• ZEB Ready : More than 40% energy saving (Renewable Energy excluded) 

• Nearly ZEB : More than 60% energy saving, include Renewable Energy 

• Net ZEB : 100% or more energy saving, include Renewable Energy

Category 3 : Renewable Energy

NEA 2023 Guideline : Renewable Energy Category


NEA 2023 Application Form


Renewable Energy is further divided into 6 categories :

On Grid
National –The national utility provides and maintains a power system supply governed by an act and its regulations.
Local - Power system supply is provided and/or maintained by a national or provincial utility.
Off Grid
Thermal - Thermal energy generated by renewable energy sources is typically used for tasks such as solar pumps, drying, cooking with biogas, producing steam from biomass, and solar hot water in remote areas without an electrical supply or distribution network. This award recognises participants' efforts and dedication to finding new ways to improve things in the energy industry, including developing novel solutions to overcome challenges and improve performance.

Power - Electricity is generated in remote areas with no electricity generation or delivery infrastructure from all renewable energy sources, including hydro. Participants in these awards develop and sustain practises for small low-voltage off-grid energy systems in various locations.
Combined Heat and Power (CHP) generation
Simultaneous production of two or more types of energy from a single fuel source. Distributed generation, combined heat and power, and recycled energy are other terms. This award recognises achievements in developing, applying, and promoting cogeneration and highlights Malaysia's cogeneration sector's strengths and skills.
Biomass, also known as plant, animal, or algal matter, generates fuel. The such feedstock is easily replaceable; biofuel differs from fossil fuels because it is a renewable energy source. Individuals and businesses contributing to and helping build the bioenergy industry are recognised in this category.

Special Awards

As part of efforts to recognise the significant role in raising awareness and for encouraging the adoption on sustainable practices, 3 categories of special award namely Energy Performance Contractors, Institute of Higher Learning and Sustainable Energy Financing are also announced.

Raising Awareness and Encouraging Adoption of Sustainable Practices

NEA 2023 Application Form

Energy Performance Contracts
The award, granted to Malaysian Energy Service Companies registered with the Energy Commission, aims to acknowledge the significant role that companies have played in persuading Malaysian businesses to adopt energy efficiency.
Institute of Higher Learning
The award is open to all Malaysian universities, regardless of location, working on projects to recognise the critical role that higher education institutions play in raising awareness about the importance of energy efficiency and the potential of renewable energy.
Sustainable Energy Financing
The award is open to all financial institutions in Malaysia that support energy-related initiatives or projects. Its goal is to recognise these organisations’ critical role in advocating adopting the best sustainable energy practices.